Muddyworld V2 – [MuddyMya]

MuddyMya is a name that’s been popping up everywhere in the underground rap community. The young Atlanta emcee has been making a name for herself with singles, videos, and the connections she’s made so far. On MuddyWorld V2 the only feature is SSGKobe but the main production is from Ok, otwreg, trvsh, and souljaspirit. The sound reminds me of a revamped and modernized version of Lil Uzi Vert’s LUV is Rage 1. I believe Mya isn’t where Uzi was out from a development point then, but the feels and the sound around that time compare. If you’re a fan of the current wave of underground rap community and people like Bear1boss, SoFaygo, and BKTHARULA then this project will fit nicely on your palate. If she continues to work on fleshing out her lyrics and continues to world build and grow her sound Mya should be a name flirting with mainstream success by the end of next year.

Stream MuddyMya’s new EP ‘Muddy World V2’ for yourself after the break.