Mr. Solo Dolo III – [Kid Cudi]

One of the best parts about writing for Lyrical Lemonade is the fact that I get to cover music from all of my favorite artists whenever I want, and that’s not something everyone gets to say, not even other music writers. When it comes to my favorite artist of all time, that title is taken by Kid Cudi and the rest of my list isn’t even close, personally. He has obviously been in the scene for over a decade, making some of the most incredible sounds in all of music, and his latest album Man on the Moon III: The Chosen just proves why his spot at the top of the hip-hop industry is cemented.

He just touches on so many poignant subjects, many of which have helped me get through hardships that have popped up throughout my life, so my personal admiration for Cudi goes much deeper than the music itself. Since becoming one of the fathers of modern-day hip-hop, he has dipped his toe into various other industries, with acting being another lane that he excels in, and I’m so happy that he is living his life the way he wants to, and not letting social limitations tell him what he can and can’t do.

His latest album is one that only elevates his already spotless discography, and even though I have replayed it time and time again since it dropped, I was still so excited to find out that he decided to release a Jason Goldwatch-directed music video for his song “Mr. Solo Dolo III”. Now, this visual isn’t anything crazy, to be completely unbiased and honest, but it’s always nice to have a proverbial face for the name, so I was still pumped to watch.

Throughout the video, he basically just smokes blunts the entire time no matter where he’s at, but the lighting in various shots matches the same aesthetic of the album and the expressions seen on his face just further emphasize the more introspective aspects of the lyrics in this song, combining with the record nicely for an incredible addition to this album’s roll-out, despite the fact that is has been out for a couple of months, at this point. While the music video for “Mr. Solo Dolo III” might not win awards or turn too many heads, it’s another visual that makes me appreciate Cudi’s music that much more, so make sure you peep the video as soon as you get the chance whether you’re a lifelong Kid Cudi fan like me or not.