The cover art for IDK's new single "Mr. Police".

Mr. Police – [IDK]

Maryland rapper IDK is back with a poignant and timely new single that speaks directly to the challenges of being African American in the US. The song’s name is “Mr. Police”, and it’s the lead single from the emcee’s upcoming album F65, which is set to be released in early May. The record’s brave and astute messages shed light on the fear and insecurity that people of color feel when dealing with the law. At the same time, the fancy piano notes that are incorporated into the production courtesy of IDK himself and Jim Lang creates a buoyant tunefulness that highlights the importance of the meaning behind his lines.

The accompanying Anthony Sylvester-directed music video for “Mr. Police” features reenactments of chillingly familiar interactions between police and people of color. At the end of the visual, IDK even delivers a formidable proclamation as he calls for cognizance and conversation related to the misconduct of people in the law enforcement sector of America. This message emphasizes the significant societal awareness that IDK has become known for including throughout his discography. While I’m not entirely sure what else to expect from his upcoming album, “Mr. Police” is a prevailing declaration from an artist who has never been afraid to speak the truth as long as it means more people will become aware of the injustices throughout this country and the world as a whole.

IDK’s new single is certainly a must-listen for fans of socially aware music and anyone who wants to take part in the extremely important dialogue that surrounds misconduct as it relates to the law. With its jazzy aesthetic and enthralling lyrics, this record is yet another foundational stepping stone for the bonafide star, and a suitable lead single for his highly anticipated forthcoming album, F65, so don’t forget to mark your calendars for its May 5th release!