Mr. Perfect – [SG Batman]

Chicago wouldn’t be even close to the behemoth that we are today without the originators of drill music who paved the way for so many of the up-and-coming acts to do their thing and make a name for themselves. Although there were quite a few years in the later 2010s and very early 2020s where drill seemed to be dying out, or at least it was overshadowed by other talents who were making equally as innovative music as their predecessors, I am beyond grateful that the current generation of drill hitmakers are really thinking outside the box and bringing this subgenre back to what it used to be.

Artists like the DCG Brothers, Fastmoney Ant, Lil Eazzyy, and more have taken this sound and made it their own, each displaying their own trademark style that differentiates themselves from anyone else currently working on their sound in this genre, as well as anyone else that has ever done it in the past. Out of all the names I could list, though, SG Batman is someone I was slightly more unfamiliar with, but considering I’ve seen his name pop up so much recently and his recent song “Mr. Perfect” was sent my way, I knew it was about time that I got in tune.

This record is absolutely mesmerizing, and although the instrumental is a very familiar drill-inspired foundation, that doesn’t make it hit any less hard. In turn, SG Batman decides to deliver an off-kilter cadence, beginning and ending lines at times that you might not expect them to be done, but the way he moves from bar to bar is as fluid as ever, and I think that this peculiarly intoxicating flow is what really helps him stand out from the rest.

Along with this, his demeanor is so calm even when he gets a bit more animated with his delivery, but his words are absolutely menacing, making you believe that the lyrics he is spitting are nothing but the truth, and that provides even more authenticity to this record. “Mr. Perfect” is an amazing single all-around, and the Delahoyne-directed music video presented by No More Heroes is just as appealing yet bone-chilling as the track, making this another remarkable release from the West-Side emcee who has been on a roll that I don’t think will ever come to an end.