Mr. Angel – [Tommy Newport]

Best identifiable by his dreamy style and beach-inspired, sun-soaked cadences, Tommy Newport is becoming a regular here on the Lyrical Lemonade pages. Today, he’s here to maintain the streak with an addictively bright new track, “Mr. Angel”. While we may be partway into the fall right now, this song is meant to transport listeners right back into the upbeat energy of the summer, using string-supported melodies to bring the feeling full-circle. Newport’s vocals are refreshing in the purest of ways when used in this kind of sonic space, and put simply, “Mr. Angel” is a perfect representation of how effortlessly this rising talent is able to make hits. He’s a budding star on the rise, so don’t miss out. Click play on “Mr. Angel” below and follow Newport on Twitter here!

Produced By Tommy Newport & 4th Pyramid