Mourning Dove – [Hobbes Duende] x [Hannah Rodríguez]

Months following their popular single “B2in1s,” Pittsburgh producer Hobbes Duende and London artist Hannah Rodríguez have linked up once more for their new song “Mourning Dove.” Despite the considerable distance shared between them, Duende & Rodríguez’s chemistry is immense to the point of shared perfection. Hobbes’ instrumental is masterfully woven with heavenly jazz elements that beautifully complement Hannah’s neo-soul vocals, as the song details a controversial romantic tragedy.  Each and every note sung gives off a pure feeling of bliss, while Duende’s instrumentation mirrors the soothing sounds one hears upon entering their favorite coffee shop. As if not impressive enough, the collaboration specifically marks the first full/final vocal mix completed from Hobbes Duende, which speaks to the sheer quality of his existing and future work. “Mourning Dove” is one of those tracks that you simply can’t overplay, and one listen is certainly not sufficient. Listen to the record below!