Motown Music – [Babyface Ray]

It seemed like the artists in Detroit were scratching and clawing for years to find their way to the top of the rap world, so I am beyond excited that they’re finally receiving the respect that they so rightfully deserve. At the same time, I feel like once this very particular style of music was popularized, so many others started to rip off their style, flows, and art, which happens in every genre there is, but it is really easy to see the fakers in this style of hip-hop.

One person who seems to have received many more accolades than many of his other Motor City counterparts is Babyface Ray, and rightfully so, because he is as versatile and unique as they come, but he always stays true to himself and never tries to be something he’s not. His latest album FACE which dropped earlier this year makes this as abundantly clear as possible, and after landing at #31 on the Billboard Top 200, I think it’s safe to say that Ray is a bonified star.

Although this project came with a slew of features including Pusha T, Yung Lean, G Herbo, and other legends, Ray decided to tap in with J.R. Digital and Kodiak to shoot a film for one of his individual cuts off of the album entitled “Motown Music”, and even while things are kept pretty lowkey, Ray doesn’t need all the flash and ostentatiousness that other artists do to piece together a masterpiece.

Instead, he just wears some of his designer garments to lay low with his homies where they play cards, hang out, and cheers to the success that they’ve all seen sprout up over the last couple of years. Even with such a simplistic music video, Babyface Ray never ceases to shine, and that just means that his visual for “Motown Music” is another can’t-miss video that we all get to enjoy moving forward.