Motion – [Jelly] & [Pi’erre Bourne]

Pi’erre Bourne is one of the most recognizable names in the entire music industry, and what he has built for himself is nothing short of insane. Just his producer tag alone is known by the masses and even after furthering his career after venturing into rapping after already producing for years, he built an entirely new following based on his own original sounds. While he has become one of my favorite emcees out right now, I love that he is using his SOSSHOUSE collective to showcase artists who are as unique as they are equally talented, and he even gets to flex his producer muscles while experimenting a bit more than usual.

I already knew about J Billz and have been listening to him a ton, but it wasn’t until today that another SOSS spitter named Jelly dropped his collaborative mixtape with Pi’erre called The Wolf of Peachtree 2 and I finally discovered what I was missing out on. Throughout the 12 songs that last about 35 and a half minutes long, Jelly goes absolutely crazy on all types of beats, proving himself time and time again while even boasting a Juicy J feature, so you know he’s not someone to take lightly.

While I still want to give this project a few deeper listens, I also realized that there was a Samuel Finley-directed visual for the project’s opener “Motion”, and I really didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to share it with you all. This one is kept pretty simple, taking place inside a train and around the terminal for the most part, but the different effects and vibrancies brought to life through various animations make this a must-see visual whether you’re already a Jelly fan or not. I am definitely excited to get more acquainted with the rising SOSSHOUSE talent, and now that his brand-new project is out, I know exactly where to start.