Mother of Pearls [Willie The Kid] x [V Don] x [Eto]

Willie The Kid returns to Lyrical Lemonade with another gem titled “Mother of Pearls.” Featuring the legendary Eto and produced by the consistently excellent V Don, the record is the first single off the upcoming album Detutsche Marks II. Despite just releasing his Capital Gains LP, Willie The Kid made his plans clear that he’s far from done with 2020 as far as the music and entrepreneurial space is concerned. “Mother of Pearls” serves as a very strong opener for the second offering of V Don & Willie’s esteemed classic, with Eto’s verse solidifying the sheer quality of the collaboration. V Don’s production is crisp for perfection; the beat layers a daunting melody that’s only suitable for genuine emcees. Per usual, Willie The Kid flaunts heavyweight lyricism such as “Fu** a buzz longevity my testimony, consistent, my ni**** focused no recidivism, nevertheless you can still become a shooting victim.” Eto of course matches in merit, spouting off ridiculous bars such as: “Pastor asked me why am I standing up I told him the prayer’s bigger than a kneel.” I was already hype for Deutsche Marks II, so this offering only amplifies my excitement for the full release. Listen to “Mother of Pearls” below!