Mother of My Kids – [TyFontaine] ft. [Summrs]

TyFontaine is a name you should probably be pretty familiar with at this point in time, and if somehow, you’ve been sleeping, please let this be your wake-up call. Either way, he has consistently been working with various artists of all different levels of fame and recognition, and Summrs is the most recent talented rising star he decided to team up with.

While I’m not overly familiar with Summrs and the extent of his previous work, I have heard of the Lafayette native mainly due to his insane work ethic, putting out so many projects in such a minuscule amount of time that you need more than your two hands to be able to count them. Regardless of if Ty or Summrs piqued your interest and prompted you to tune into their most recent record “Mother of My Kids”, the chemistry that these two talents possess is more than enough to keep you intrigued and mesmerized throughout.

The two-minute runtime of this brand-new record. Slayer produced this hit, beginning with some ambient, spacey synths, pounding 808s, and hasty hats that give a fairly underground, gritty vibe to these two autotune specialists. While Ty might start out the track with a few hums and ad-libs, Summrs takes over the hook right off the bat, providing listeners with an extremely catchy hook with an even more addictive melody. During his verse, he heightens the tone of his voice and completely changes his flow, showing off some diversity that is obvious when considering there’s no way he could release all of that music and this maintain fans if it all sounded identical.

When Ty comes in for the second verse, his voice is slightly higher-pitched but still contains this certain level of granularity that couples incredibly with Summrs’ lower tone of voice. While Ty has become known for his more obvious stretched out melodies and notes, this song is a bit quicker and less tuneful, although there are just natural melodious qualities within his voice that couldn’t really disappear even if he wanted them to, and you won’t ever hear even a slight complaint from me about those elements.

While this song might venture slightly further off the beaten path for Ty, I have come to realize that he’s never one to fear experimentation or trying out different styles, so I have nothing but praise for him on my end. Although Summrs might be a relatively newer name for me personally, it’s abundantly obvious that he is beyond complex and dexterous, bringing various different sounds and styles to the forefront of his music, and this gets me excited to check out the rest of his sonic catalog and see what I’ve been missing out on for way too long. Whether you’re a fan of either or both of these rising stars or you just need some fantastic music in your life to get you through the rest of the week, “Mother of My Kids” is sure to get you moving and help you power through all the way to the weekend.