Moshpit – [Rot Ken] ft. [Anti Da Menace]

Atlanta has always been a place where history is made in the hip-hop and rap industry, and that’s something that will simply never change. So many artists have come from the Georgia capital and a good majority of them have created their own unique styles that have influenced generation after generation of up-and-coming dreamers, but it’s certainly not the only city in the state that you need to pay attention to.

Augusta, Georgia is mostly known in the sports world as the home of the iconic Master’s golf tournament, but it’s also a place that is steadily gaining traction for the music scene that is the complete opposite vibe of the famous tournament, but still fantastic in its own right. Rot Ken is one of the leaders of the movement in Augusta, and once you listen to any single one of his songs, you’ll see just how individualistic he is as well as the reasons why he has blown up so much over the last year or two.

Most recently, he tapped in with Anti Da Menace, a 17-year-old spitter from the West side of Atlanta, and together, they created the undeniably incredible hit “Moshpit” while utilizing impeccable production from game-changing beat smiths Jetsonmade and Xjay. Ken shows off his versatility like usual, opting to show off some more straightforward rap bars that could stand toe to toe with any of the most notorious emcees in the industry right now, but even with this delivery, the melodic vocal overtones are clear, obvious, and impressive.

When Anti comes in for the second verse, he switches up the vibe ever so slightly, integrating a more violent, aggressive, and ferocious tone into his lines that left an extraordinary impression on me and the rest of the people who have tuned into this awesome track. Along with the ShotByWolf-directed music video, Ken and Anti both prove their cases as to why they need to be shown much more respect with the amount of skill and innovation they are propagating, so make sure you don’t miss out on this awesome new record.