Moses Ideka presents an emotion-channeling masterclass with new single, “Won’t Be Waiting” 

Little is known about the talented London-based artist who set the scene ablaze with his initial release – and only track ahead of “WBW” – “Cast Out”. A theme preserved beyond the sparing musical content available across DSPs. From afar, Moses Ideka‘s internet presence nearly mirrors that of a recluse, with few to latch onto beyond his two tracks. A daring music-first statement that has resonated with audiences, who all too often gravitate to the nonsense in the periphery rather than the art itself. I say all this to emphasize that Moses’ music is authentic, undeniable, and speaks for itself – like literally, and his sophomore release, “Won’t Be Waiting” is nothing short of special. 

Unknowingly, the track’s creation was built within earshot of me despite occurring entirely across the pond from where I reside. Moses met the co-producer of the track Dillon van Rensburg (aka not dvr) in the depths of Kenny Beats’ Discord, an online channel of communication that awoke and connected an untapped world of creatives from across the globe who happened to also find interest in the prolific work of Kenny Beats. Personally, the Discord not only put me onto amazing artists like Moses Ideka and not dvr, but also framed my passion for writing, a testament to the geography-defying power and relevance online communities have on the next wave of talent that’s on its way to being unearthed. 

On “Won’t Be Waiting” we’re met with a beautiful sonic medley of Moses’ sincere lyrics and neck-breaking vocal runs that lay atop minimalistic yet evolving production, which builds upon itself from verse to hook, catapulting Moses’ otherworldly performance into a climaxing out-of-body feeling for his listeners. His emotion-peaking delivery is synthesia-provoking, coloring the track with a blue hue as the looping instrumental brings crashing waves of revelations as Moses searches for means to deal with an unrequited love. “WBW” is a track that eases the anxiety of feeling unheard and taken for granted, wrapping you in a warm, weighted blanket of comfort, and lately, I’ve been wearing that blanket quite a lot. 

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