More Than Ever – [Kembe X]

Despite the fact that my current rotation as of late is more focused on an artist’s energy and unique deliveries, lyricism and meaning will always hold a special place in my heart when it comes to someone’s music. I pretty much formed my taste in music listening to insane lyricists like Kendrick and the rest of the TDE roster, early Kanye, Jay-Z, and way too many others to name, but it was my home city of Chicago that really expanded my boundaries more than anywhere else. When I first found out about emcees like Mick Jenkins, Saba, Noname, and others, I realized that their stories were eye-opening, gripping, and relatable in some form or another, but when they were able to share their experiences in the artistic, out-of-the-box, and well thought-out ways that they achieved, it was like a new level was unlocked in my brain.

Even some of the more local legends like Supa Bwe and Kembe X did this better than even the largest rappers in the game, so I have a special place in my heart and on my playlist for these veteran tastemakers. Although 2022 has been fairly quiet for Kembe who has only dropped 3 singles that I am aware of, he is gearing up to close out the year on a high note with the release of his EP FLATFOOTED. The only other information I am currently aware of is the fact that it’s due out in December and he dropped the first single “Always Loud” just a few weeks ago, but more information is coming out of the woodwork with his latest single “More Than Ever”.

Joey Hamhock’s production on this song is enlightening thanks to some wistful flutes, calming percussion, and an ear-catching melody that gets things off on an unignorable foot. Kembe has his eye on the prize, too, because he diverts from all of the frills and add-ons while opting to go with a straightforward flow that I may be making sound simplistic, but it truly is anything but. There is this natural, genuine sentiment behind every word he speaks that makes you feel as if this is deeper than music.

His message is spoken so articulately that it breaks through any barriers that listeners could possibly have, implanting itself in your mind to make you think and connect with him as if you’re having an honest conversation, not even listening to music. I truly wish that FLATFOOTED was already out because I feel like Kembe is going to spit some game on there that will be very illuminating, as he has done on the first two singles that he has dropped, but I know that the wait will be worth it, so make sure to stay up to date with the South Holland spitter to not miss out on any updates that are sure to surface in the coming weeks.