More Than Average – [Taleban Dooda] ft. [Yung Bleu]

Although it has been a few weeks since Taleban Dooda dropped his debut album Fallen Angel, it seems like fans have been going crazy over it. I’m not surprised, though, because even though I’ve only recently become familiar with his music, he has been going crazy and proving that he is one of a kind, even managing to stick out in the rapidly booming music scene down in Florida. In order to keep the album’s buzz alive and well, Dooda and Yung Bleu decided to team up with Joshua Valle to shoot a music video for their hit song “More Than Average”.

Opening up in the future, Dooda is slammed on the hood of a police car, glaring at the camera before a message takes us back to two days earlier. Here, Bleu is hanging out in a lavish house surrounded by lovely ladies as he sees on the news that Dooda is wanted by the police for an armed bank robbery. Once he hears a knock on the door, he opens the entrance to see a stealthily dressed Dooda with his girl, inviting him in to help him hide out from the law. While his girl tries on some luxurious gowns, he counts his loot from the robbery before the next scene shows him in a high-speed chase with the cops, which he seems to evade at the moment it is going down. Eventually, though, the police show up to the mansion and invade his quarters, prompting him to try and make a swift escape, but it’s too late and he’s thrown in the back of a police car which immediately drives off out of the picture.

Considering this music video actually had a bit of a plot alongside some really clean, braggadocious reoccurring shots, I was definitely a big fan. It definitely did an awesome job of continuing the hype around Fallen Angel, and I’m sure fans are going to quickly forget this project whatsoever. With guest appearances from artists like 42 Dugg, OMB Peezy, and others as well as production from hitmakers like Internet Money, TM88, and more, Dooda was set up for success which led him to take the baton and run with it. While I can’t wait to go back and re-listen to Dooda’s debut album once again, I highly suggest you check out the brand-new music video for his song “More Than Average” as well.