Moonshine – [Rebel World, Tha Gang] ft. [Majeur] & [Yung Sherm]

I think we can all agree that the best, or at least most exciting, part of SoundCloud is stumbling on gems that you didn’t necessarily set out to find. Today, this gem is “Moonshine” – the newest offering from a group called Rebel World, Tha Gang featuring guest spots from Majeur and Yung Sherm. Led by a mesmerizing instrumental courtesy of Drugzilla, the main reason why this track seemed to stick out to me right off the bat was due to the sky-high potential featured from each artist who takes to the mic. Every flow is adapted to the beat in a refreshing, unique way, and by maintaining a certain level of chemistry throughout this effort, “Moonshine” is raised onto a pedestal of slick lyricism and undying charisma. It’s certainly a gem, so be sure to keep an open ear and stream the single on SoundCloud at the link below!