MØØn – [Joe Hertz] ft. [Nonô]

HANDLES: @joehertzmusic @NONOmusic

Short of a few exceptions here and there, I’m not really into electronic-driven stuff. No disrespect, it’s just not my scene; it doesn’t hit me the way a dope rap beat does.

That being said, you throw a female vocalist on there, and I’m all the way in

So, yes, I may have a soft spot for songs like Joe Hertz’ latest, “MØØn,” but that doesn’t mean it isn’t insanely fresh.

Built for warm weather, “MØØn,” is an upbeat, vibrant track with a positive message to boot. Hertz loads the production with synths, a bevy of small, subtle effects, and even some horns, to give the song a ton of texture and a warm, inviting energy. Nonô’s vocals are the icing on the cake. I love her cool, effortless approach and the unique drawl in her voice (perhaps attributed to her Brazilian roots) adds even more flavor to the offering.

For now, MØØn is not a part of anything larger, but I’d definitely be on board for more from this duo.