Mood Swings – [Pop Smoke] ft. [Lil Tjay]

It is absolutely unbelievable that at such a young age and not necessarily being in the music industry for an extremely long period of time, Pop Smoke created a legacy that is going to exist for decades and possibly even centuries to come. Not only was his voice unique, his flows were incredible, and his swagger was unmatched, but he can basically be credited with popularizing the entirely new subgenre of New York City Drill music. Although others try, no one can do it quite like Pop, and that’s one of the many reasons why he is so deeply missed by fans every single day.

One of the most popular songs off of his posthumous album Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon is undeniably “Mood Swings”, and although it has received extra recognition thanks to TikTok virality, it was a hit from the moment fans heard it on the album itself. I just think that Tjay’s higher, more harmonious voice combined with Pop’s smooth, baritone vocals work so perfectly together, and hearing Pop actually get more melodic with his delivery was something that was new and obviously appreciated.

Although it might not be the same without Pop physically present, Lil Tjay and Pop Smoke’s team got together to breathe new life into this unbelievable song in the form of a music video. Opening inside of a car, two lovely ladies are going back and forth as one passionately vents about her frustrations in a relationship. It turns out, she’s talking about Tjay, explaining how she’s beyond frustrated but she still loves him, and after getting a text from him, she asks to be taken back to his place.

At his house, the couple gets very close with one another, showing time passing with different scenes taking place during the day while some speed up time and take us deep into the night. For Pop’s parts, he can be seen inside a blue flame that burns bright throughout the entire visual. To represent the relationship’s struggles, quick clips are shown of Tjay and the woman arguing with a blue-tinted light on them, complementing the hardships and sadness that can come from such a rocky relationship.

It’s clear that when this woman is with Tjay, she is under some sort of trance as she tries to forget the past and just live in the moment. During Pop’s opening parts, Tjay and his girl just get extremely close, playing up the relationship and showing all the ups and downs before he gets into his verse. While this closeness continues into his part, other shots show him reciting his lyrics as she sits behind him, backing him up the whole way. Eventually, to close out the video, something seems to go wrong, although it’s not shown on camera, and the girl leaves his place with a distressed look on her face as he chases after her, trying to get her back.

Although this visual seems to heavily revolve around Tjay, they do a great job of incorporating Pop in a beautiful way, alluding to the fact that even with his absence, he keeps the flame alive through the legacy and music he left behind. The scenery and storyline being told throughout this video complemented the song flawlessly, and although you don’t necessarily see what went wrong between the couple, it’s clear that the relationship has its hardships and lust is one of the only things keeping it alive, as the song would suggest as well. I’m beyond excited that “Mood Swings” now has a music video because it gives me even more of an excuse to revisit it, and you should be just as excited, so make sure to peep the visual below.