Mood Swing – [MFnMelo] & [squeakPIVOT] ft. [Saba] [Joseph Chilliams] & [Frsh Waters]

It’s never easy losing a loved one, and sometimes music is so powerful that it can be even harder to get over the loss of an artist you truly loved to listen to. Especially when that artist is from your city and was creating a sonic landscape that you thoroughly enjoyed, it’s a loss that can take an unidentifiable amount of time but listening to the amazing music they created during their time on Earth can definitely help smooth things over or at least ease the pain you feel in your heart.

When we lost squeakPIVOT this past summer, the entire music industry was shook, and even if you weren’t familiar with him at this time, there is no doubt that some of your favorite artists were giving their condolences and offering nice words about the impact that squeak had on the industry as a whole. It’s a loss that family, friends, and fans will never get over 100%, but knowing how genuine and impactful he was during his time on Earth makes me realize just how special he was not only as an artist but as a person as well.

He and MFnMelo teamed up for their collaborative project En Route that dropped not too long ago, and although it’s a touchy subject for some, the deluxe version of this project is set to release December 9th, and it’s what fans need to only further solidify their admiration for the late creative. In order to gift listeners with even more music, Pivot Gang decided to release a squeak, Big Goose, and daedaePIVOT-produced single off of the deluxe entitled “Mood Swing” which features Pivot members Saba, Joseph Chilliams, and Frsh Waters as well, and it’s a song you need in your life no matter what kind of mood you might be in.

This serene record is brought together perfectly with an unbelievably addictive hook, a masterful and insistent verse from Saba, a bit of personality and energy from Frsh Waters during his part, a bouncy and calmed verse from Joseph Chilliams, and a perfect, captivating, and assertive culminating verse from Melo. Every single member in this collective is undeniably at the top of their game on “Mood Swing”, and although it’s melancholic knowing that squeak isn’t here to enjoy this song’s release, he knows the legacy he left is one that will never go unrecognized, and fans aren’t ever going to forget his impact for even a second.