Monochrome – [Jon Waltz]

In today’s day and age, thanks to the immediacy of social media, the pace at which listeners have begun to expect new music from their favorite artists has become faster than ever. Put simply, no one likes waiting anymore, and consequently, this arrives at the cost of longevity. Inversely, this obsession with immediacy has only increased the value of albums that take more time to create and therefore, choose to focus on the long run in both quality and content. Such is the case with Jon Waltz’ latest project, Monochrome.

Originally begun in 2017, this album has taken a full two years and change to come to fruition, but nevertheless, the blood, sweat, and tears put into the project make for an offering that listeners can’t and won’t forget. Monochrome is a product of artistic and personal resilience, and furthermore, it’s a culmination of diverse sounds, emotions, ups, and downs, all of which come together to exude a galvanizing sense of soul.

Jon Waltz is the kind of artist who refuses to compromise the ambition and quality of his art, and as a result, Monochrome comes loaded with polished, rejuvenated songs that clearly demand nothing but perfection from their creator. Blending glossy styles with honest and emotional ardor, this one is built on a foundation of time and energy that can’t be budged, so be sure to show Monochrome the love it deserves.

Stream the new project below and follow Waltz on Twitter here!