Money Talks – [Donald Grunge]

Boston’s very own Donald Grunge might just be seeing his music career taking off, but it seems like with every new song he releases, he just sees more and more fans flocking in his direction. It makes sense, though, because he has one of the most captivating, individualistic sounds in the entire music industry, not even just Boston.

Most recently, Grunge decided to drop a brand-new song called “Money Talks” and a John Rawl and The GLEEMS-directed music video that act as a real one-two punch for the up-and-comer. Opening up with the beat, which was made by Kenny Prosper and yo21, we are greeted with some high-pitched synths or keys of some sort before we’re surprised with rattling percussion and pungent drums almost directly after pressing play. While the song itself is relatively short, there’s no room to waste any time so Donald gets right to it, showing off just how distinct his voice is with an almost Lil Keed meets Lil Baby with a hint of Thugger and many other artists sprinkled into the mix.

If that explanation was confusing, it’s because he truly is so out of the box that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly one or two artists he sounds like, and this is something that’s definitely going to help him go so far as his musical career continues to advance. Despite the fact that this beat goes insanely hard, Donald makes sure to stand out and murder every part of the record he plays a part in, proving exactly why he’s definitely a contender for being next up in the industry.

When watching the music video, we begin on a roof as a large G is illuminated in the sky like the bat signal from Batman, prompting the idea that the city needs Donald’s help. From here, we see the rapper running around on the roof in a fashion that resembled Die Hard, in my opinion, and he seems to be clearing the building of enemies from the top down. Soon enough, he busts into a room filled with money, guns, and some goons who he proceeds to take out, stealing the money for himself before making a quick escape. Eventually, he hops in the elevator where he dances around with his gun in front of the camera before hopping in his car to make a quick exit from the scene.

Although Donald Grunge is a relatively new name for me, this song blew me out of the water. It’s exactly the style of music I find myself gravitating towards and based on some of the other songs I had heard from him in the past, I was caught off guard in the best possible ways by this one. It’s insane to me that he still only has less than 300 monthly Spotify listeners, but those numbers are going to multiply exponentially as long as he continues to make awesome music like “Money Talks”, so make sure you hop on the bandwagon at the ground floor before you see Donald Grunge’s name catapulted to the moon in the blink of an eye.