Money Machines – [Steve Glo] x [Sex Money Mitch]

Steve Glo and Sex Money Mitch, two talented rappers from Philadelphia, have joined forces to deliver a captivating and experimental album titled “Money Machines.” Hosted by DJ Holiday and Trap-A-Holics, this project showcases the duo’s distinct sound and fearlessness in pushing the boundaries of their music.

Throughout the 13-song duration of “Money Machines,” Steve Glo and Sex Money Mitch demonstrate their willingness to experiment with their voices and delivery. Each track offers a unique experience, ranging from slow and melodic to high-speed and vicious verses. The versatility in their delivery keeps the album engaging and ensures that there’s something for everyone.

One notable aspect of “Money Machines” is the vigor and intention packed into every verse. Both Steve Glo and Sex Money Mitch bring their A-game, showcasing their lyrical prowess and delivering impactful performances. It’s evident that they have a common goal of staying true to their desired sound, allowing the audience to connect and resonate with their music on a deep level.

Beyond their musical endeavors, Steve Glo and Sex Money Mitch share a background in event hosting, which likely contributes to their ability to captivate listeners and create an immersive experience. This combination of talents shines through in “Money Machines,” where their ability to craft engaging and dynamic tracks is evident.

While every track on the album is worth mentioning, standout songs include the title track “Money Machines,” which sets the tone for the project with its infectious energy and clever wordplay. “Can’t Understand” showcases their raw abilities, with a inviting flow and memorable hooks. “Real” and “Kant Keep Up” are two additional joints that I really enjoyed, too.