Money Discussions – [Angelus]

It says quite a lot about a particular artist when they can convincingly perform upon and master any given style that their grander scene has in store. When movements in music occur that are as wide-ranging and divergent as the rising underground hip-hop/pop scene is right at this moment, certain subsections certainly arise within them, but only the most talented and one-of-a-kind acts are able to fully capitalize on each and every single one of these angles.


Among that aforementioned current-day scene specifically, there are few artists that can say they are at quite the same level as Angelus is in regards to exemplifying this sentiment in its fullest effect. She has come to explore a number of different signature sounds within her respective scene on her journey to superstardom, and especially as of late, each and every single time she has done so has resulted in nothing less than perfection.


“Money Discussions” is her latest foray into a brand new area for her — what with its reliance on gritty, intense, and rough hip-hop stylistics reminiscent of the now-iconic “Slayworld” sound. But being as astute and as learned as she is in regards to any style she approaches, Angelus has yet again proven her expertise in mastering any given approach she is willing to take musically. 


With an unrelenting flow that never lets up for a single second, she absolutely bodies the remarkable beat provided by both Elxnce and Larziar throughout the song’s brief, yet incredibly memorable runtime. Though the song repeats the same refrain twice throughout its short time in its entirety, it is without question one that will stick in the head of any listener for all the best reasons possible.