Mom… It’s Not a Phase – [Fat Nick] & [Kxllswxtch]

There are a handful of artists that I honestly have a hard time expressing my admiration for because they have made such an impact on me personally that I can’t find the words to describe how much I appreciate them. Fat Nick is one of these emcees because from the moment I heard his project When the Lean Runs Out, my perception of music was completely shifted.

I was blown away at how he was able to mix in serious topics like addiction with other all-out bangers in such a cohesive and efficient manner, and this was a project that I continue to run back even though it dropped over 6 years ago. I mean, back when my brother and I tried to make music of our own some time ago, we even sampled his song “Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Boy” in one of our songs, so I feel like that might give you a good idea of how influential Nick’s music was to me for as long as I have known about him.

I’m writing this article about a song that also includes Kxllswxtch, and I never want to undercut him either because he is one of the most complex, versatile musicians in the game, but this duo’s brand-new song “Mom… It’s Not a Phase” will show you that once again, so I’ll let his talents speak for themselves as you listen. Spock absolutely slid on this one, as the Boobie Lootaveli producer tag states, giving these two impressive emcees the best foundation to rip apart however they please.

Nick kicks things off with his always smooth, buttery flow as his lyrics just roll off of his tongue fluently in such a naturally infectious fashion. When Kxll comes in, he picks up the energy a bit at first, but after 4 or 5 lines, he goes off the rails, unleashing all the energy in the world into the mic, giving us a verse that makes it impossible to sit still while listening, much like his other records in the past. Fat Nick and Kxllswxtch are already solidified underground phenoms, but this track just takes that point up a notch, and you’re not going to want to miss out on the fun for even one more second.