MOJO – [G Milla] & [Eva Shaw]

I’m so happy that the position I’m in allows me to connect with so many different people. Whether they’re artists, managers, A&Rs, or others, I have some great conversations and get put on to even more amazing artists. Not too long ago, I had first heard of Eva Shaw because of her production work on Nate Husser and Jean Deaux’s unbelievable song “Sleep Like A Baby”, and after talking briefly on Instagram, she put me on to another amazing track that just came out. This time around, she created the instrumental for G Milla’s record “MOJO”, and while I wasn’t familiar with this artist prior to tuning in either, I was absolutely blown away with the results.

Starting out, we hear what seems to be some sort of manipulated, uncharacteristic strings that are eventually met with piercing hats and claps before some of the bounciest, most thunderous 808s enter the scene and send your eardrums on a journey. While this is happening, G starts out with a hook that is unforgettable and captivating in the most amazing ways. He just begins with such energy and his delivery is the perfect balance of animation, enthusiasm, and swagger without coming off as if he’s trying too hard or being someone he’s not. When he goes into his verses, though, there is a total change of pace where he almost takes a step back and composes himself, spitting some insistent, hard bars that might have a little less vigor than the chorus, but still tons of energy, nonetheless. He just has such a captivating personality that stands out beyond his music, and I couldn’t be more excited to see what else he has in store moving forward.

Although this might be my introduction to G Milla and his numbers aren’t too crazy at the moment, this one song alone proves that he’s destined for greatness, and that’s not something I say often. I legit don’t know where he’s from, who his influences are, or what else he has put out, but when I find out about an artist like him that I enjoy so much during my first listen, I go down a rabbit hole of discovery to see what else I can learn about them, so G Milla is definitely next up on my list. Alongside the song, there is even a music video shot by a group of directors including Vika Svisheva, AlexxCrumb, and Cutx Alison, and it’s just another reason why I love this track, so, while you’re listening to G Milla’s latest track “MOJO”, make sure you take some time to check out the visual as well.