Models-[Joe Avio]

An artist named Joe Avio has officially landed onto our pages today for a new track that needs to be talked about. When I heard that he was releasing a song, my heart bursted with nostalgia as I have been a Joe Avio fan ever since hearing his well-known song, “Baby”. The song that dropped over a year and a half ago was an instant classic in my mind as it was extremely hard to stop listening to due to the impressive production and Joe’s distinct style.

Although “Baby” was one of my rotational favorites, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t itching for more music by him. After some time now, Joe has resurfaced with a brand new single called, “Models”. I have to warn you though; the moment you turn this one on, you’ll be hooked just like I was. Upon pressing play, it was extremely evident that this new offering might just be the one to catch some crazy momentum and turn into one of the biggest songs of the year. One thing you’ll notice is how much better it gets as the song progresses. From start to finish, the quality, groove and vibe climb at a consistent upward trajectory.

Joe is a special talent and “Models” truly solidified that fact for me. When taking in music, it’s so easy to try and figure out whether an artist sounds like an original or if they’re similar to another. In the case of Joe Avio, he is completely his own. From his unique vocals all the way to the out of the box production, there is a lane here that only he can occupy.

“Models” is just a complete song. If I continued on, I’d be rambling on all day, so make sure to check out the brand new song by Joe Avio and letting us know what you think! I’ve attached the link down below!