MMM – [Keshore]

I’m grateful for countless people in this industry, from managers to A&Rs to other writers to producers and even the artists themselves, I have had the utmost pleasure of getting the opportunity to meet, who I consider, some of the highest-tiered individuals. While you might hear others say that this business is cutthroat, I have been lucky enough to feel the opposite, because the majority of people I come in contact with are always so open, amazing, and try to help me out when I need it. Thanks to this, I have formed friendships with people that I was once only a fan of (and still very much am), and even if they’re from different cities or states, we try our best to tap in whenever we get the chance.

Out of everyone, Keshore is someone I consider one of my better homies, and even though he lives the busy life of a rock star, we still find time to catch up every now and then. After seeing his cameo in $NOT’s latest music video, I shot him a text to find out what he had on his radar, and less than 24 hours after he told me he had some music in the works, he shot over the link to his brand-new track “MMM”, a song that is currently exclusive to SoundCloud and YouTube.

Produced by MTK and LMG, this record is more soothing and sensual than I ever really expected heading into it, but it just further demonstrates exactly how adroit Ke is. A lot of fans forget that not only is Ke one of the most entertaining and enthusiastic artists in the business, but he can also sing his heart out, and this offering is one that will clue you in on this overlooked skill impeccably.

While he might not have the cleanest, purest melodies in a traditional sense, I feel like this perfectly imperfect delivery brings so much personality and charisma to his tunefulness, and it’s better than any textbook singer could ever execute in my opinion. I mean, I think back to Tyler, the Creator’s album Igor when he basically said that he didn’t want anyone else singing his lines because they wouldn’t be even close to as authentic as they would be if Tyler sang them himself, so I think I think the exact same situation applies to Ke in “MMM” as well.

There is even an incredible beat transition that provides a change of pace while continuing on the soulful, heartfelt journey that he embarks on, so while this isn’t the song I expected from the tenured hitmaker, it blew my expectations out of the water once again. Keshore is simply one of the best-kept treasures in the underground, and I believe that as I continue to watch his career unfold, so whether you’ve been a fan for years or not, this record is one you aren’t going to want to miss out on by any means.