Mixin Juices – [Maxo Kream] ft. [BabyFace Ray]

Although Texas and Michigan are literally on the complete opposite sides of the country, I feel like there are some commonalities between the rap scenes in both states. Not only were these artists heavily slept on for no reason until they grinded their way to the top where they deserved to be, but so many of these emcees seem to place an emphasis on unique flows and curated lyrics that aren’t strictly about guns, money, drugs, or women.

Even when these are the focal points of a verse, they figure out a way to talk about them in a way that no one else has managed to accomplish prior, so I have a huge respect for both destinations without a doubt. Maxo Kream is an all-star, as you could tell once again on his album Weight of the World, and when he dropped the deluxe version of the project that featured a song with BabyFace Ray called “Mixin Juices”, I knew this was going to be one of my new favorite songs.

Produced by Tez, Sage Skolfield, and Sean Solymar, the fast-paced tempo pushed Maxo to quicken his cadence more than the normally laid-back and velvety style he uses, but he is obviously up for the challenge and impresses once again. Ray is simply one of the best emcees out right now, easily rotating through a plethora of lines and flows that get more complex and interesting as his verse goes on, but the way he meshes with Maxo really ends up tying this entire song together perfectly.

The D Green Filmz-directed video is relatively simplistic compared to the intricate moments we witness throughout the song, but you’re never going to hear me complain when two musicians at the top of their class get together in front of the camera, so this is definitely a release you’re going to regret missing out on if you don’t tap in the next chance you get.