Mistake – [Marc]

Caribbean teenager Marc pours his heart out his soulful new ballad “Mistake.” This track was sent to me via email and I’m glad I finally got around to checking it out. Marc has been in a generous mood all of 2019 marks his 5th single he’s dropped within the first seven months in. Marc is able to skate effortlessly across the dreamy production from producers Sensu and Dead Emerson. Although the title of the song may insinuate something bad happening that turns out to be far from the truth. Marc narrates a story of him accidentally falling in love with a young lady. The young crooner started hanging out with his love interest out of pure boredom, but as time goes on Marc develops deeper feelings for her than he originally expected to.

Stream Marc’s single “Mistake” below and check out the rest of his discography while you are at it!