Missing U – [starfall]

Starfall is the 17-year-old kid from Hawaii that you have to know about. His newest single “Missing You” is one of the better songs I’ve heard all 2021 from an unsigned act. It’s not really hyperpop and leans on the traditional singer-songwriter spectrum of things, but the breakdowns and earworms on this record fall in that hyperpop-ish space. In music today if you take out the autotune and all the bells and whistles it’s very few people that just naturally have that raw vocal talent. With Starfall you can tell he’s a talented vocalist on not “Missing You” but the rest of his discography. If I could think of an artist comparison for Starfall currently I see early shades of artists like Glaive and Brakence. After spending a couple of hours running through his catalog some other tracks you should check out from Starfall are “speechless” and “never lasts”

Stream Starfall’s new single “Missing You” after the break.