Misfit Child – [Warhol.SS]

When I think back to the days when I was first getting deeper into music beyond the mainstream, Warhol.SS always comes to mind. For me personally, there were the major Chicago talents like Kanye, Chance, Durk, and others, then the local scene, and then the underground artists from all over the country, but I feel like Warhol.SS brought the underground world to Chicago. I only say this because it felt like the local emcees here were just that: local.

While I felt like they deserved much more recognition across the states, that just wasn’t happening for some reason, so I resorted to listening to artists from other states that were truly pushing the limits. That is, until I found out about Warhol.SS. When he first began gaining traction, it was local, but it was so different than anyone else, so it didn’t surprise me in the slightest that he began to blow up to epic proportions. Since then, he has traveled the world, become friends with legends in the underground, and has managed to build a following that is much stronger than most other artists have been able to do.

Finally, after much deliberation and time spent waiting, he delivered Where’s Warhol 2 earlier this month, and if you ask me or any other fans of his, it was well worth the wait thanks to the 16 new songs that we now had in our hands to enjoy once and for all. One of my favorite tracks off of the project had to be “Misfit Child”, and my admiration wasn’t shocking due to the fact that one of my favorite producers, Brent Rambo, handled the instrumental, but I was just as excited to find out it was turned into a music video shot by Sincerely Mizu.

This one truly takes something simplistic and flips it on its head, because even though the scenes might not be too over the top, there are so many animations and edits that bring it to new levels, and these alterations often match the slightly murky, shadowy vibe that the song brings to life. Although it is in a lane of its own, it does remind me slightly of some of the visuals that fellow Chicago legend Lucki has brought to life in the past, so considering I think so highly of those, this one was an immediate hit in my eyes. Warhol.SS is someone I always want to see winning, and that’s exactly what he has been doing for his entire career, so now isn’t the time to change that, and this video proves this fact once again.