Mirrors In A Mausoleum – [Noah]

New Jersey emcee Noah dropped off his first project ever recently entitled ‘Mirrors In A Mausoleum’. This album is everything that’s happened in Noah’s life leading up to this point. Over the course of this 36-minute body of work, Noah isn’t afraid to blend melodic rap flows and records with classic and more traditional-sounding singles. I really appreciate him for trying different sounds and flows on this project. It showcases the willingness to be versatile and wants to try new things. Some of the things I feel like Noah could work on are his beat selection and his execution at times. Sometimes I felt as if a couple of beats or moments were a little bland but had good rapping and flows on the singles. At other times when I’m speaking on how he can execute better, I feel like that will just come with more practice. The ideas are there I just feel as if he can deliver the record, verse, or flow in a more sonically pleasing way. However, this doesn’t take away a solid debut for Noah, yes, there are things he can work on but this is his first real body of work. I expect him to expand and grow his music as he continues to create.

Stream Noah’s lyrically potent debut ‘Mirrors In A Mausoleum’ and judge for yourself below.