minnesota is a place that exists – [glaive]

A few years ago, I saw the music industry trending in a younger, more naïve direction, and if I am being totally honest, I just wasn’t extremely excited. Sure, I could see the potential and I credit the teenage artists who were making moves, but it just seemed like they were getting attention way sooner than necessary because had they gotten a few more years under their belts, the substance would just be much more solidified than it was.

Things change, though, and it seems like even just a year or two after this initial teenage takeover, the new young stars were using their youthful perspectives to their advantage, and such unheard-of, innovative music was being brought to life. Out of everyone, glaive caught me off guard in the best way possible, and he rapidly became one of my favorite artists out which is an opinion that has remained unchanged ever since I first heard his music.

Earlier this year, he dropped old dog, new tricks, yet another impeccable addition to his discography, but with the release of his latest Jeff Hazin and Nick Ferraro-produced single “minnesota is a place that exists”, I have to say that this is one of my favorite glaive records since cypress grove came out a couple of years ago. The video makes this release even better because Ramez Silyan used his directorial creativity to place the emcee in a storyline that feels like an independent film about a young relationship where one of the individuals is struggling to fit in with the connection, but he is trying everything he can to make things work.

Here, glaive and a lovely girl seem to do everything together, and while he starts out looking content with the way things are going, he quickly changes into a person he never was before. This happens as he starts smoking cigarettes, dining and dashing, vandalizing, shooting guns, and even lighting things on fire. While he does all of these things to try and make the relationship work, he eventually has enough and leaves, but the visual shows a literal version of this as he aims down sight at the girl, ending things permanently in a twist ending that I wasn’t expecting. Not only is this song such an all-out hit, but the video is quite possibly one of my favorite flicks from the North Carolina star to date, so this is one you’re not going to want to miss out on for another second.