Mink Bars – [Jimmy Bolt]

The music industry is something that will never fail to amaze or impress me, and that just seems like a given that will never go away. Unless you’re truly tapped in with a ton of different people or have your hand on the pulse of different music scenes around the country, some massive names and even more talented artists can somehow slide under your radar, and that’s something I try my best to not let happen. It just seems like if an artist isn’t from Los Angles, Atlanta, or New York, it takes a bit of extra effort to learn about new up-and-comers from other regions and states, but if you are completely dedicated to the industry, these names will never go unnoticed.

Houston is a city that seems to be on the fence of either being known as a massive hip-hop hub or just another city with a few huge superstars, but after experiencing music from some of the promising rising talents in H-town, I have no doubt in my mind that it is tipping towards the former statement rather than the latter. Jimmy Bolt is a name that I luckily can’t get out of my head when this city comes up, and it’s almost insulting to consider him up-and-coming when looking at the numbers he does or considering the incredible year he had in 2021.

While it seems like Jimmy’s buzz hasn’t completely reached other parts of the country quite yet, his sound is nothing less than addicting while the number of streams and views each and every release that he puts out does is mind-boggling, both of which make me 100% confident that his loyal following is only going to continue to grow and expand all over the country. If you don’t believe me, just check out his latest release entitled “Mink Bars”.

The song itself is as smooth as it gets, giving Jimmy a fairly simplistic yet appealing instrumental that his laidback and swagger-filled personality absolutely thrives on from start to finish. What makes this offering even better, in my opinion, is the Trill Art-directed music video. In this visual, Jimmy simply shows us a day in his luxurious life full of designer clothes, lavish cars, and lovely women, giving us just enough of a glimpse to make even the richest people in the world at least a bit envious of his lifestyle.

After working with some very notable names like Lil Keed and receiving co-signs from other hitmakers like Gunna and Lil Baby, Jimmy Bolt isn’t going anywhere but up, and if last year has anything to say about his career’s trajectory, I think it’s safe to say that he’s only going to continue leveling up in 2022, especially is his releases are even a fraction as entertaining as “Mink Bars”.