Mine & Yours – [Fin Flower]

While SoundCloud may be dying, I must say that I’m going to miss all the random homemade gems that make their way onto the site. There’s nothing better than discovering some random kid from the middle of the country making music out of their bedroom, and furthermore, there’s something oddly satisfying about not being able to find any of the artist’s information, social medias, etc. On SoundCloud, some art exists for the very purpose of existing — a refreshing sentiment in an age where authenticity is scarce. Today, marking one of these very gems, an artist named Fin Flower is here with a song entitled “Mine & Yours.”

Put simply, “Mine & Yours” is an unbelievable display of vocal talent, left faceless and without cover art. Under this mysterious display, though, there exists a song of immense beauty, matching graceful vocals with soul-stricken production that you can’t help but love. From the shimmer of the guitar riffs to the ever-so-subtle adlibs, “Mine & Yours” is packed full of both personality and sincerity, reaching a sense of relatability that transcends any hope for description. It’s a testament to the profound sense of wonder left by an artist so talented yet so unconcerned with the attention that comes with it, which, if not anything else, only contributes to the magic.

Fin Flower is incredible, “Mine & Yours” is a gem. Stream the song below and see for yourself!