Mine – [Ebony Loren]

Today we have an artist that goes by the name of Ebony Loren who is making her Lyrical Lemonade debut with her latest offering titled “Mine”. I first found out about Ebony Loren after speaking with a friend of mine who suggested that I should check out her music, I trusted his opinion and she emphasized that he believed that she had superstar potential, and man I could not agree more! This jam here is just so soothing + pleasing, Ebony Loren clearly has vocals that are way above the average singer, she has a special gift and she shined on this record. I am a huge fan of Ebony Loren after listening to this song a dozen times today, hopefully, sometime in 2021 I can bring her by the LL office for an interview, but for now, get familiar with her by pressing play below!