Mine – [1nonly]

Las Vegas is a place full of lively events, wild characters, and vibrant lights, and while the city that never sleeps is one of the most thrilling destinations in the world, the one thing that I think gets overlooked is the music scene there. I don’t know a ton of artists from the area, but one person who I know really puts on for his home is 1nonly, an intense and innovative emcee who has made some insane waves and accumulated a cult following that is as powerful as ever, so the fact that he’s only 18 blows my mind every time I remember this fact.

Expanding on my point, he might not be the biggest artist in the world or have a name that is recognized across the globe, but his fanbase is more loyal than almost any other group of supporters out there, so they make it clear that he isn’t one to be messed with or you’ll be in trouble before you know it.

The way he mashed multiple different vibes together in one cohesive song is actually confusingly amazing because some of these sounds just shouldn’t go together, but he makes them work without giving it a second thought. For example, his brand-new track “Mine” just dripped today, and the instrumental uses some sort of indistinct sample that mutates a guitar-forward melody into this upbeat, pulsating drumline that seems to mash indie rock with hard bass of some sort.

As you can tell, it’s hard to explain because it simply shouldn’t work, but 1nonly pulls it off with ease as his deep, smooth, and nimble delivery seems to act as the glue to this hit. Every time 1nonly drops new music, I make a point to tap in because I know it’s going to be unlike anything else out there, and the fact that his songs never disappoint further emphasizes my belief that he’s one of the most underrated yet talented artists in this industry.