Mind Right – [Shoreline Mafia] Ft. [Warhol.SS]

The rise of Shoreline Mafia has honestly been an amazing thing to watch over the past few years, they carved a path for themselves and are now one of the gigantic names in hip-hop, and today they are back on our website with their latest music video for “Mind Right” featuring Chicago native Warhol. Just from the teasers of this music video they were dropping on socials they had me eager to watch this full final product, and it turned out great if you ask me! Whenever Shoreline Mafia and Warhol link they always compliment each other very well, probably has something to do with how much time they spent together on tour last year, or maybe that’s just what happens when you connect some of the hottest young artists in the game. Do yourself a favor + watch this brand new music video below!

Directed by lonewolf