Milwaukee’s Micah Emrich puts his creativity on full display with “Rotation.”

This might be my favorite track of the month. Milwaukee artist Micah Emrich has had his fair share of success with previously released singles and projects that have catapulted his work into playlists everywhere, and it’s only been getting better with time. “Rotation” is his latest drop, which premiered just this morning. I’m always in favor of supporting Wisconsin artists being from there myself, but good music is good music. And “Rotation” is much more than that.

Creativity is at its purest form with Micah, and you can hear it after just a minute of listening to his work. Fantastic melody and unique rhythm make his sound different from many, and it’s a phenomenal break from the norm of the industry. He’s got a fantastic grasp on finding what pleases the ear, and you can just tell the effort and work that goes into perfecting his music. Crazy intricate production and mastering don’t go unnoticed, and they’re evident in this joint, too.

He’s got an amazing discography that has seen impressive streaming numbers, which I think will only be vaulted as he continues to release more. Micah’s unique talent is on full display in “Rotation,” listen for yourself below!