MILKSHAKAS – [Coco Bliss] x [ppcocaine]

It’s already competitive enough to be considered an artist who has the potential to have a prosperous career in music, but it’s even a smaller sample size of those artists who have the opportunity to be deemed a star. Florida’s Coco Bliss is one of those up-and-comers that fits into that very select second category and it only takes a listen or two through her early discography to understand why I’m saying this. With records like “Bad Bitch Flow” and “STRIP CLUB”, there were already some telltale signs of what was to come, but her new single, “MILKSHAKAS”, with ppcocaine has officially confirmed my initial suspicions.

Commanding her audience’s attention from the jump, Coco Bliss begins “MILKSHAKAS” with an uncanny amount of energy that immediately stuck out to me. Almost instantly you can tell that Bliss raps with a level of confidence and swagger that is very rare for an artist her size and to see it at this early of a stage in her career should put just about everyone on notice. A record that I foresee connecting with a very large audience pool, Bliss delivers an assertive flow and punchy bars before passing the torch off to fellow-collaborator ppcocaine who adds her tasteful touch to the song right around the 1-minute mark. A production that could turn-up a previously mute club, “MILKSHAKAS” is an underground hit that I have no doubt will soon see it’s well-deserved light. Check it out below!