Milk – [ICYTWAT]

ICYTWAT, the signature producer from Virginia hip-hop collective Divine Council, has finally released his debut album Milk and introduces to the world a genre he describes as “audio pastel”. Audio pastel stems from the artist seeing colors during his music production, an interesting example of synesthesia that might explain why the emotions on this album are very loud to the listener. The album was produced by Twat and co-produced Kalil Blu, with Rainy Miller handling the album’s mixing. It is a project filled with rude lyrics, dirty flows, and funky, atmospheric beats that make it perfect to bump on powerful speakers. Divine Council’s $ILKMONEY appears on two tracks and while Icy might not claim to be a rapper, there is a reason $ilk has been co-signed by Andre 3000; on “Don Juan” he impossibly jams syllable after syllable into his bars boasting about being a ladies man and providing a smooth chorus while he’s at it proving once again that him and Twat make the perfect duo. Other features on the album include L.A. rapper IndigoChildRick who is on Pastel Talk along with $ilk, and Atlanta singer Kyeoshin who adds a soothing feminine voice to the project on two tracks. While the lyrics on Milk are filled with blatant sexual references that make this impossible to play in the car with your parents, you can’t help but see the love story that unfolds into the second half of the album which goes beyond lyrics as the production becomes more tender and delicate. Overall, Milk is a balanced piece of boast rap (“Z4 Music”) and love songs (“LIL SHORTY 3”) that come together courtesy of ICYTWAT’s audio pastel vision; certainly an album that will be getting a lot of circulation this summer so listen to it yourself below and see why Divine Council is a threat not to be taken lightly.