Mile High – [CLICHE]

Buzzing New York artist CLICHE first caught me year about a month ago with his ridiculously catchy single “PEW PEW”. In under 3-minutes, the 19-year-old wordsmith made sure a listener would not forget his name by the song ended. Now, CLICHE continues his progression with “Mile High”, the second single off his forthcoming project.

Coming through with the same irresistible bubbly vibe that popped on his last track, it seems like there’s no stopping him once he starts to flow. He maneuvers the track with cadences that stick, making it seem like syllables overlap each other in the way he strings together his lines. CLICHE’s knack for especially memorable hooks also shines through right away, delivering a tongue-twisting barrage of bars that tempts a listener to try and repeat back to him. The young rapper’s go-to producer JACHARY matches his infectious energy with an equally boisterous beat, with synths that bop to the surface over drums that click in-sync with CLICHE’s verses. Listen to “Mile High” below and keep an eye out for CLICHE’s ‘Robot Jesus’ project soon: