Might Not Make It – [REASON]

The all-out blitz attack from Top Dawg Entertainment’s roster came to a final close with the release of REASON’s new single, “Might Not Make It.” The West Coast artist has never been one to hold his tongue and is an avid proponent of disrupting the status quo. REASON holds nothing back on his new single as he unleashes shots at every big-name rapper and cultural icon related to Hip Hop in a three-minute outing that fantasizes the idea of having only 24 hours left.

Accompanied by the release of an animated lyric video, REASON’s new single is visualized through the medium many of us use to access newly released videos; a phone. The animated video uses its caricature aesthetic to recreate the faces of the names mentioned while simultaneously characterizing the outlandish events mentioned by REASON during his cathartic-like expression.

Although the new video clearly opens up with REASON mentioning how this record is a hypothetical take on how he would spend his last 24 hours he also reiterates how he’s tired of the sensitivity that surrounds Hip Hop. Restoring the cut-throat unapologetic attitude that characterized much of Hip Hop’s early years, REASON is restoring a feeling that has been somewhat absent from the game.

Not only is REASON’s new single a jaw-dropping affair complete with clever tongue-in-cheek references and shots at some of Rap’s most prominent figures, but it is also a no holds bar time capsule and restoration of a competitive edge that can feel absent in Hip Hop today.

Watch the new lyric video for “Might Not Make It” by REASON below.