Midnight Microdose Vol. 1 – [Kevin Ross]

Independent R&B artist Kevin Ross has released his new EP, Midnight Microdose Vol. 1. The six-track project is the first installment in a three-part series that will culminate in the release of a full-length album later this year. The forthcoming EP ushers in a luminary experimental phase for Kevin. This is an independent artist paving the way for other artists to follow across the R&B landscape. First Doseis the EP’s opening track which is an interlude that sets the tone for the rest of the project. The song is a smooth, sensual ballad that showcases Ross’ vocal range and songwriting skills. The next track “Show & Prove” is a mid-tempo R&B record that features a catchy hook and Ross’ signature smooth vocals. “Look My Ways the EP’s lead single and is a powerful ballad where Kevin is crooning for his love interest to give him a chance. Overall, Midnight Microdose Vol. 1 is a strong EP that showcases Kevin Ross’ talent as an R&B artist. The project is for traditional R&B fans of the early 2000s to mid-2010s sound.

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