MID AIR – [Paris Texas]

Experimental hip-hop has seen a surge in mainstream appeal, redefined and mastered by artists such as Danny Brown, JPEGMAFIA, and Earl Sweatshirt, among others. From the heart of this ever-evolving scene emerges Paris Texas — an eclectic LA-based duo whose unique approach has quickly made waves in the lead-up to their debut album, ‘MID-AIR.’ 

Paris Texas brings a fresh, audacious, and outwardly rock-inspired sound to the game. Their first full-length LP, which features genre-bending emcees in Kenny Mason and Teezo Touchdown, is not only a full evolution from their debut mixtape ‘Boy Anonymous’ in 2021, but a versatile exhibit of the pair’s creative prowess.

‘MID AIR’ is youthful and rebellious. With high-energy tracks like “Bullet Man” and “PANIC!!!”, it seamlessly merges elements of rock, hip-hop, and punk — bolstering the versatility and defiance ‘Boy Anonymous’ introduced two years ago. Standout tracks like “Sean-Jared,” “Full English”, and “DnD” with Kenny Mason highlight Paris Texas’s ability to blend raw lyricism with bold rock instrumentals — a testament to their diverse influences and refusal to be pigeonholed.

Known for their sharp lyricism and an ear for diverse beats, they aren’t just another act; they represent the future of a genre constantly in flux. In an era where genre lines are becoming increasingly blurred, Paris Texas establishes their sound and presence in experimental hip-hop — solidifying their footprint in a space that savors originality more than ever before. Jump into ‘MID-AIR.’