SIP! – [Mick Jenkins]

Mick Jenkins surprised the music world yesterday with a couple of news songs, packaged & called “SIP!.” The two tracks are each a great listen, THEMpeople handled the production this time around and of course theMind added some soulful tones to each track. The first of the two, “$3000 Advice,” is a trap-bouncy tracks with some jazz elements added, a style that Mick has mastered in recent months. Mick spits about an interpersonal relationship with a new love interest, expressing to her that its deeper than face value physical attraction. “I got ginger beer in the refrigerator. Trying to see if your heart is in the right place. Water like a defibrillator, keep spreading love,” he spits as he’s finding the balance between simplicity and consciousness. Last but not least, the hook on this track is money. The second of the two tracks, “Grenade Theory,” features a little more spotlight from theMind, who has yet to release his debut project. This track has more of a neo-soul feel. The drums are slightly off but blend great, while the synths are warm and thoughtful. Then a signature drill drum breakdown fits perfectly to finish off the track. Mick speaks of being on the brink of the success that he and his team have been headed towards since the beginning. He ends this one with the declaration, “Just to let you know, it was all about the growth. We about to blow!”. Overall, something about “SIP!” makes me want to draw a comparison to old Ye. Last time I got this feeling about his music, he released The Water[s] and took off. Let’s hope this year will be as exciting as that one was to watch. For now check these fresh sounds out and let us know what you think in the comments section below.