Mick Jenkins Performs New Music Off of “The Wave[s]” at Lollapalooza

Last Saturday morning, The Water[s] touched ground at a very hot Grand Park as Mick Jenkins opened up day two of this year’s Lollapalooza.  With such a huge and diverse lineup consisting of big name acts, Chicago fans were more than excited to see their very own Mick Jenkins on such a prestigious festival’s roster.  Lollapalooza: where we invite everyone around the globe to the greatest city on earth that is Chicago, and host incredible acts that are remembered through the ages; Mick Jenkins’ contribution to this year’s festival was one that will be hard to forget.  He quenched the thirst of the many fans in the crowd with “The Water[s]” as he played everyone’s favorites including “Jazz“, “The Waters“, and “Rain.”  Mick made his Lolla debut even more special by treating the crowd with some more food for thought, a new song from his upcoming August album, “The Wave[s]”, and the fans were fortunate enough to get an inside first listen.  Luckily Lyrical Lemonade was undoubtedly in the crowd showing some love, and capturing the moment to share with everyone else.  We don’t know the name of the song yet, but we do know it’s hot!! It’s hard not to love this guy!  Mick also performed at Reggie’s Rock Club later that night for a Lollapalooza after-party. The show featured what I firmly believe was by far the best performance yet from future rappers Hurt Everybody, and a surprise appearance by Chicago legend Twista!  Be ready. “The Wave[s]” is scheduled to drop August 21st.

Captured by Pursuit of Dopeness