Mia Wallace – [AG Club]

Booming off the strength of their impeccable Halfway Off the Porch project released earlier this year, AG Club has cut through the noise as one of the most exciting acts to begin their rise in 2020. First, it was the project, then it was their series of striking visual releases, and now, with the eyes turned their way and all signs pointing up, it’s “Mia Wallace” – the latest from the club, and their first new video since the surge in growth that occurred between March and April.

Built for Twitter with a 2 minute and 20-second runtime, “Mia Wallace” is a statement by nature, leaning further into the group’s knack for collective energy and introspective lyricism. From the ominous, bellowing tone of the hook to the vividness of each of the three verses, it’s the kind of in-your-face storytelling cut that needs no further explanation than the lyrics, while a supply of nighttime-set visuals does the talking in an aesthetic sense. Bright lights and shirts illuminate the surroundings, and from there, “Mia Wallace” speaks its own mind as one of AG Club’s boldest and most rewarding releases to date.

Even with more eyes on them than ever before, the Bay Area natives are building their audience in a thoughtful way, and releases such as their latest couldn’t be better proof. Check this one out below and be sure to follow AG Club on Twitter while you’re at it!