MF TRIMM – [Lil Gotit]

Even if I’m not a huge fan of an artist or don’t listen to them extremely often, I always respect someone who is on their grind with tons of work to show for it. Atlanta is a city known for really never sleeping because it seems like most of the musicians who call ATL home are never letting a week go by without releasing something new, but out of everyone in the southern city, Lil Gotit has proven that there is never a shortage of music to be made, and he seizes every opportunity he gets to show off his skill set, which is extensive I must add.

This is the main reason why I think I write so much about him, because although I do genuinely appreciate his music, even if I didn’t, I would at least know I could count on him to give me something memorable to post about. Enjoying his tracks is just a perk, and his most recent release “MF TRIMM” is yet another new single that he put out for fans to enjoy, even though we’re not too far out from his latest album The Cheater.

Nonetheless, West, 808 Jayy, and AyoJarri produced this slapper by using a poised, memorable melody coupled with smooth 808s and consistently chattering hats and claps, all of which seem to make Gotit feel right at home. In turn, he rifles through a ton of likable, easygoing flows that only he can pull off so well while making them feel as effortless as he does, but the fun isn’t over.

That’s because he also delivered this record alongside a brand-new music video put together by Klever visual, VBL, and Mirzy Productions that doesn’t really show off anything new or overly exhilarating, but I am never going to complain about visuals for songs I enjoy. Lil Gotit always has a place on my playlist, and with so many songs that are just as fantastic as “MF TRIMM”, I think it’s only a matter of time before he takes over my playlist completely.