Mexico – [Chase Alex]

A couple weeks ago, I saw Chase Alex perform live at a small show hosted by Chicago event curators 6Ferns. The energy in the room shifted as he stood on top of an amp, using it as an impromptu stage, and got nearly everyone at the party immediately vibing with him. On the Chicago artist’s latest track “Mexico”, that same infectious energy comes through in the form of euphoric melodies and instantly catchy flows. He finesses over the beat, delivering boastful lyrics while making it sound effortless. At times, it feels like Chase is floating above the track, as his airy vocals layer on top of themselves. Producers Contra and Nate Trick offer up a spacey sonic backdrop that at some points feels like the score to a video game, mixing heavy synth pads with subdued trap drums that all mesh together in the distorted mix.  This is not the first time Chase Alex has been on our page and it certainly won’t be the last, so get in tune to “Mexico” below: