Mette – [FulMetalParka$] ft. [Boris The Lucid]

No Jumper’s YouTube channel has become home to a number of incredible premieres throughout the past few months, and today, adding to the streak of hits, the channel blesses us with “Mette” from FulMetalParkas$ and Boris The Lucid. The main elements of this track that immediately demanded my attention were the rolls and bounces that create the identity of the beat, but once mixed with a few smoothly-delivered verses from these two rising talents, “Mette” becomes an absolute banger in every sense of the word. Not to mention the fact that the video for the song keeps this energy up, all the while capping it off with scenes of FulMetalParka$ and his crew enjoying themselves and bumping the song wherever they go. It looks like the No Jumper channel has unleashed yet another heater, so watch “Mette” below and¬†follow FulMetalParka$ on Twitter here!